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Integrated Systems For Process Monitoring

Process Compositional and Physical Property Monitoring is Extremely Important for Producing High Quality Product and at the Same Time Ensuring Safe Working Environment in all Industries.  Control Analytics Provides Analytical Systems to Make the Measurements you Need for your Process Control, Product Quality and Process Safety Applications.  We will Design and Construct Systems for Routine, Well-known Applications as well as Custom Systems for New and Challenging Measurement Requirements.

CAI Design-Build Systems Monitor Analytes from Per-cent Ranges to Trace Level Concentrations. We can Couple our Chemical Composition Analysis with Physical Process Parameters Such as Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Color, Turbidity, Viscosity, PH and more to Facilitate the Most Effective Process Control Algorithms for Optimal Results.


The List of Applications we can Provide is Extensive.  Some of the Most Common Process Control Applications Include:

  • Combustion Control and Safety Monitoring
  • SCR Control and Slip Monitoring
  • Refinery Distillation and Blending
  • Inert and Hydrocarbon Gas O2 Monitoring
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Top Gas
  • Ethylene Cracker Catalyst Off Gas Monitoring
  • Natural Gas Quality and Custody Transfer Monitoring
  • Cement and Lime Kiln Monitoring
  • Condensate and Pure Water Applications
  • Fuel Gas Composition
  • Heat-treating Atmosphere Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Plant Monitoring
  • Specialty Gas Blending
  • Semiconductor Gas Blending and Impurity Monitoring
  • Claus Plant Air Demand Monitoring
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