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Integrated Systems For Flare Gas Monitoring

Control Analytics are Expert in Supplying Flare Monitoring Systems for Compliance Monitoring and Flare Operation and Control. Our Systems are Designed to Operate in the Harshest Refinery and Petrochemical Flare Applications Including Samples with Routine Water, Hydrocarbon Liquids, Steam Injection and High Velocity Flows. Our Systems have Obtained USEPA AMP Approval for Compliance Certification Without the Use of High Range H2S Calibration Gases, Making them the Safest and Simplest Flare Monitoring Systems you can Employ.

The Control Analytics Flare Gas Monitoring Systems Provide Comprehensive, Real Time Flare Monitoring to Meet the Requirements of the USEPA NSPS Subpart Ja and Refinery Sector Rules as well as Future Petrochemical Industry Flare Monitoring Requirements.



Control Analytics Flare Monitoring systems are capable of measuring the following:

  • H2S, TRS and/ or Total Sulfur – All Ranges
  • Speciated Hydrocarbons C1 – C10+ Including Speciation of Iso and N- Components, Alkanes, Alkenes and Aromatics and More
  • Hydrogen Plus Air Components
  • Additional Components: H2O, HF, NH3, O2 and Many More

Analyzers employed in our Flare Monitoring Systems include:

  • Process Mass Spectrometers: Fast Response (10 Seconds), Measures all Components and Ranges Required for Subpart Ja and RSR
    • Control Analytics is The Premiere Mass Spectrometer Integrator in North America
    • Measurements Include Speciated Hydrocarbons, BTU, H2, H2S, Total Reduced Sulfurs and Air Components in a Single, Lightning Fast Analyzer
    • CAI Mass Specs Have Been Used in Numerous EPA Alternative Monitoring Plans (AMPs) and have Eliminated the Need for High Concentration, Dangerous H2S Calibration Gases Found in Most Flare Gas Total Sulfur Systems
  • Other Analyzer Capabilities Employed in CAI Flare Systems:
    • Gas Chromatography, Oxidized Total Sulfur Analyzers for H2S/Total Sulfur Analysis , Calorimeters and H2 Analyzers
    • Flare Flow Monitors and Flare Igniters

Our Design-Build Systems are Turnkey:

  • Analyzers, Sample Systems, Probes and Sample Lines in Class I Division 2 Groups BCD Hazardous Area Applications.
  • Analyzer Shelters :  Fully Integrated Analyzer Shelters
  •  Heated Sampling Systems for High Potential Liquid, Post Water Seal Drum Applications and High Steam Injection Applications.
  • Data Acquisition Systems, PLC Control, Standard and Custom HMI and Automation.
  • Safety Systems
  • Calibration Gas Systems and Cabinets: Calibration systems for the Storage and Operation of Flare System Calibration Gases.
    • Calibration Gas Regulation & Monitoring
    • Heated Calibration Gas Cabinets for Gas Consistency and Accuracy
    • Safety Ventilated and/or Scrubbed Exhausts
  • Sample Lines and Transfer Tubing
  • Systems are Designed to Eliminate the Need for High Concentration H2S Calibration Gases and Maintain EPA Compliance.

We Provide Engineering, Procurement, Integration, Startup, Commissioning, Certification Support and Contract and Emergency Service on all Flare Systems and Components

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