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Refinery C1D2 Custom Engineered/Integrated CEMS

On the road again… Another custom engineered/integrated CEMS shelter settling in for a luxurious trip to Minnesota.  

This System will be joining several previously delivered shelters demonstrating that when you work with Control Analytics, you typically come back again and again.

This is a Class 1, Division II CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) shelter for a refinery FCC unit. We utilized a Z-purge HVAC unit with a 25’ fresh air stack to maintain a general purpose area classification within the shelter. This enabled us to employ general purpose equipment within the shelter, which led to lower costs for our customer. The CEMS is measuring CO2, NOX, SO2, and CO using a straight extractive measurement technique as well as Particulate Matter, Opacity, and Flow using a straight extractive measurement technique for the gas analysis.

 The sample system included a high temperature probe, high temperature sample transport umbilical, and Nafion tube type dryer to account for potential high amounts of sulfur in the sample that can lead to the production of Sulfuric Acid and cause damage to analyzers and impede measurements. The entire CEMS is controlled by a Control Logix PLC, which communicates data to a Data Acquisition and Handling system that will record all of the data and create specific reports for seamless reporting to the EPA and local regulators, ensuring that our customer is in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. 

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