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Analyzers and Sampling Components for Process, Flares, & Natural Gas

There are many reasons to monitor process stoichiometry and compositions. These include control and efficiency, safety, product quality, custody transfer and reliability. CAI’s 30 years of process monitoring application experience will help you choose the most effective analyzer and sampling components for your process monitoring applications.

Process Mass Spectrometers
and Residual Gas Analyzers

BTU, Moisture and Dew Point Analyzers

Gas Analyzers and
Systems for CEMS
and Process Control
Paramagnetic O2,

Process Gas & Liquid Analyzers for H2S/Total
Sulfur for Natural Gas and Hydrocarbon Processing

Gas Sampling,
Sample Probes, Probe Tubes, Controllers,
Coolers and Sample Pumps, TDLS for O2, HCl,
CH4,  C1-C5, NH3

Ambient and CEMS
Gas Monitors: SO2,
NOx, CO, CO2, O2,
NH3, H2S, TRS, O3

Gas and Liquid Analyzers for Sulfur, Nitrogen and Distillation profile

Gas Analyzers for Flow, Opacity, Particulate and Multi-component Analysis

Purity Gas Monitors for Hydrogen,
Moisture, Chlorine
and N2

Sulfer Recovery Analyzers for tail gas, pit gas, and acid gas SRU applications

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