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Analyzers and Sampling Components for Gas Detection, Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Protecting employees is of primary concern to all industrial applications.  Identifying and monitoring hazardous, explosive gases, vapors, toxic compounds and other physical parameters which can harm your processes and your workforce is a key element toward ensuring an on-going, safe operation.  CAI presents a host of options to monitor and measure potential threats to the safety and health of your workforce.  

Gas Detection –
Portable Single and
Multi-Gas Monitor,
Fixed System
Controllers and
Detector Heads

Air Sample Pumps,
Detector Tubes, Micro Air Pumps, Fixed and Open Path Gas Detection

Gas Detection – Fixed and Portable Gas Detection, Single or Multi- Gas Monitors, Leak Detection

Stationary and
Portable FTIR, Gas

Process Mass Spectrometers
and Residual Gas Analyzers

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