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Analyzers and Sampling Components for Combustion Control

Combustion Control, while a subset of process monitoring, is vital for operating boilers, process heaters, reciprocating engines, turbines and other combustion devices efficiently and safely. CAI provides analyzers to allow you to tune and monitor your combustion devices. Our products range from hand held and portable units to continuous systems and sensors to monitor and measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, hydrocarbons, NOx, temperature, draft/flow and other critical parameters and products of combustion.

Gas Analyzers and Systems for CEMS and Process Control Applications Paramagnetic O2, TDLS

Portable Combustion
Efficiency, Air
Emissions and Multi-Gas Analyzers,
Thermal Imagers
and HVAC

BTU, Moisture and Dew Point Analyzers

Gas Sampling,
Sample Probes, Probe Tubes, Controllers,
Coolers and Sample Pumps, TDLS for O2, HCl,
CH4, C1-C5, NH3

Ambient and CEMS
Gas Monitors: SO2,
NOx, CO, CO2, O2,
NH3, H2S, TRS, O3

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