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 Biofuel 16-Point Process Analyzer System

Biofuels production is increasingly being employed to meet the demands for low carbon, renewable, low emission, low cost, efficient transportation fuels, and Control Analytics is helping.

The production of Biofuels requires sophisticated process control and safety monitoring. Fulcrum Biofuels, a US based pioneer in low carbon, low cost , transportation fuels has turned to CAI for the analytical instrumentation in their new grass-roots biofuel facility being built in Nevada.

This cutting edge facility utilizes trash as a feedstock to produce synthetic crude (syncrude) that are further refined into jet fuel and diesel.

To help monitor and control multiple points in the syncrude process Fulcrum has turned to CAI and our process analytical expertise. The process analytical system, designed and built by CAI analyzer engineers and integrators, monitors 16 measurement points using 12 custom designed heated sample conditioning systems.  The system and all sampling and analysis components is designed for installation in a Class 1 Division II Groups B,C,D hazardous area. 

The analyzers in our analytical design include Extel Process Mass Spectrometers, Galvanic Applied Sciences trace sulfur analyzer and 3 Nova Analytical infrared CH4 analyzers. The project includes a 32’ industrial analyzer shelter, integral heated calibration gas cabinet, 3000 feet of O’Brien heated sample umbilical and sample transfer lines and 16 M&C Tech Group heated process sample probes for measuring the high temperate- high pressure process sample points.

The system will undergo in-house factory acceptance testing prior to delivery, and CAI engineers and technicians will provide system startup and commissioning of the installed system in early 2021.

Once completed and operational, the Fulcrum facility will process around 175,000 tons of waste feedstock annually to produce some 11,000,000 gallons of syncrude. Control Analytics is proud to do our part in this important work.

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