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Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transmitters

Switches and Sensors

We offer a wide variety of switches and sensors that continuously meet a diverse range of needs. These include photoelectric switches, proximity switches, limit switches, and seismic sensors.

Photoelectric Switches (Photoelectric Sensors)

Detects objects by reflection or shielding of visible or invisible rays. Switches with built-in amplifiers and fiber switches are available.

  • General-Purpose Photoelectric Switches with Self-Contained Amplifier
  • Fiber Optic Switches
  • Wet Process Switches and Optical Fiber Units
  • High-Accuracy Position Sensors

Proximity Switches (Proximity Sensors)

Proximity switches that transmit high frequencies (cylinder and square types) can be used under severe installation environments (e.g., coolant and oil) due to their high sealing performance.

Limit Switches

These have sealed-in internal switches that ensure high sealing performance and a robust structure. The wide switch selection allows installing them in highly diverse rugged environments (e.g., in a hydrogen gas atmosphere, outdoors, and underwater).

Connector with Cables

The PA7 series of quick-lock connectors provides both safety and convenience by means of a next-generation design that makes sensor wiring work easier.

Seismic Sensors (Seismometers) and Vibration Sensors (Seismoscope)

Usable for a wide range of applications such as shutting off fuel supply to plant and factory equipment when an earthquake is detected and for estimating physical damage to public facilities and transport.

  • Intelligent Earthquake Sensor Model SES70
  • Seismic Detector Model VBC7000
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