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Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transmitters

Diagnosis of Factory and Plant Equipment

We offer tools for monitoring production equipment status.


Leak Detector II, a PlantWalker Series Portable Operations Support Tool

This tool detects ultrasonic waves and utilizes them to sense and to help locate air leakage from pipes and gas leakage from all kinds of equipment, and to detect problems with bearings..

InnovativeField Organizer - Device Management System

Using InnovativeField Organizer, Azbil DCS users can achieve dramatically more efficient instrument maintenance work.

BU100H HART I/O Module - HART Communication Interface


An analog input or output module with a HART communication interface.

HART Network Unit (HNU) - HART Communication Interface

A communication interface unit between HART communication compatible devices and Azbil’s device management system.

Control Valve Maintenance Support System PLUG-IN Valstaff

PLUG-IN Valstaff is a control valve maintenance support system designed to perform online trend monitoring of diagnostic parameters for Azbil Corporation’s smart valve positioners during plant operation.

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