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Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transmitters

Control Valves and Actuators

Products with highly reliable control valves and cutting-edge smart valve positioners as their key components to continuously meet needs arising from diverse and wide-ranging business sectors.

Single Seated Valves

The basic and most versatile type of control valves.

Cage Valves, Double Seated Valves

The perfect choice for piping with middle to large diameters, these control valves can provide severe service and effectively reduce noise.

Angle Valves

Control valves suitable for slurry and flushing fluid

Eccentric Rotary Valves, Butterfly Valves, Three-way Valves

Both eccentric rotary valves and butterfly valves are rotary control valves. Three-way valves are control valves for mixing or dividing fluids.

Control Valves for Specific uses (e.g., anticorrosion, power plant applications, etc.)

These control valves are specialized for specific uses, such as controlling corrosive fluid in chemical factories, controlling specific applications in electric power generating facilities, and so on.

Electric Valves

Control valves with an electric motor for the actuator

D1 Series manufactured by Azbil Saudi Limited

D1 series globe-style control valves are suitable for general-purpose use in various process applications in industries such as refining, petrochemical, chemical, and so forth.

Smart Valve Positioners

These smart valve positioners with enhanced diagnostic functions are compatible with the latest HART protocol, FOUNDATION Fieldbus standards, and FDT standards.



Actuators are powered by an air supply and open or close control valves in response to signals.Positioners are attached to actuators and receive control signals from the controller.

Auxiliary Equipments for Control Valves

Auxiliary equipment refines the air supply serving as the control valve power source and increases the performance and features of the control valves.

Control Valve Maintenance Support System PLUG-IN Valstaff

PLUG-IN Valstaff is a control valve maintenance support system designed to perform online trend monitoring of diagnostic parameters for Azbil Corporation’s smart valve positioners during plant operation.

Optional Selection

The gland packing and bellows seal have various functions that improve the performance of the seal around the control valve gland.

Control Motor, Power Controllers, Solid State Relays

We offer a broad range of products such as control motors for controlling various machines and devices in both factories and in the field, and power controllers that support diversified heat control.

  • Control Motor Model ECM3000
  • Power Controllers Model PU21_/PU23_
  • Solid State Relays Model PGM10N/PGM10F
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