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Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transmitters

Combustion Safety and Control Systems

We support entire commercial and industrial facilities by providing combustion safety and control systems that conform to international standards, combustion equipment, and burners to provide both safety and security.

Burner Interlock and Burner Control Module Model RX-_ _ _

Combustion safety controllers for safe operation of industrial furnace burners

Burner Controllers Model BC-R15/BC-R25/BC-R35

Combustion safety controllers for use exclusively for batch operation (combustion equipment that shuts down at least once per 24-hour period)

Advanced Ultraviolet Burner Controller Model AUR300C/AUR350C

AUR300C and AUR350C burner controllers drive the shutter of the companion UV sensor in order to check that the controller itself and the sensor are operating properly, while at the same time driving the flame relay.

Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector Model AUD300C


A flame detector that senses the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the flame of an oil or gas burner

Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detectors Model AUD100

Flame detectors exclusively for batch operation furnaces, equipped with a UV sensor made by a proprietary Azbil manufacturing process, and subjected to strict testing standards

High-Performance Gas Solenoid Valve for Industrial Applications Model GV-A_ _ _

GV-A gas solenoid valves are made by the German company Elster Kromschröder, a top brand among solenoid valve manufacturers in the European industrial market.

Dynamic Self-Checking Burner Controller Model AUR450C

Dynamic Self-Checking Burner controller is combustion safety controller for batch and continuous operations, ensuring safety for oil and gas burners and by automatic ignition and combustion supervision.

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