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Analyzers and Sampling Components

CAI provides Sample Systems and Components for all Gas and Liquid Analyzer Applications 

Analyzer Sales 

  • Analyzers for CEMS, Process Analytics, Safety and Ambient Air Applications
  • On-Line Analyzers for General Purpose and Hazardous Area Electrical

NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, H2S, HCl, HF, CH4, Total HC, VOC, Speciated 

Hydrocarbons, Natural Gas Quality, Particulate, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, O3,Water Vapor (H2O), N2O, Flow, Opacity, Pressure, Temperature, Viscosity, On-Line Titration and many more.


Sample Systems and Components 

  • CEMS Sampling System Components – Extractive, Dilution and Hot/Wet
  • Sampling Probes – Process and CEMS
  • Sample Flow Drawers and Probe Controllers
  • Calibration and Purge Panels
  • Sample Lines, Zero Air Systems and Instrument Air Cleanup
  • Heated Sampling Systems for FTIRs, Mass Specs , GCs, and TDLS
  • Cement and Lime Kiln Sampling
  • Liquid Sampling Systems – Gasoline, Diesel, Heavy Hydrocarbon and Oils
  • Multipoint Sampling Systems

CEMS, Emission Testing & Ambient Air

Gas Detection, INdustrial Hygiene & Safety

Process, Flares, & Natural Gas

Enclosures, Heaters, Sample Lines/Bundles & Water Quality

Combustion Control

Pressure, Temperature & Flow Transmitters

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