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Line Card Of Principle Partners

Here are a few partners that Control Analytics works with regularly.  Allow our application experts do the legwork to source and provide the instruments and components to fill your needs.  

Gas Analyzers and Systems for CEMS and Process Control Applications Paramagnetic O2, TDLS

Process Mass Spectrometers
and Residual Gas Analyzers

Gas Detection –
Portable Single and
Multi-Gas Monitor,
Fixed System
Controllers and
Detector Heads

Gas Sampling,
Sample Probes, Probe Tubes, Controllers,
Coolers and Sample Pumps, TDLS for O2, HCL,
CH4, C1-C5, NH3

BTU, Moisture, Dew
Point Analyzers and

Air Sample Pumps,
Detector Tubes, Micro Air Pumps, Fixed and Open Path Gas Detection

Ambient and CEMS
Gas Monitors: SO2,
NOx, CO, CO2, O2,
NH3, H2S, TRS, O3

Process Gas & Liquid Analyzers for H2S/Total
Sulfur for Natural Gas and Hydrocarbon Processing

Noise Dosimeters,
Portable Dust and
Heat Stress Monitors,

CEMS and Process
Monitors – Opacity,
Flow, Dust, Process
Flow, Baghouse

Process Gas
Chromatographs and
hazardous area classified
Gas Analyzers

Gas Detection – Fixed and Portable Gas Detection, Single or Multi- Gas Monitors, Leak Detection

Portable Combustion
Efficiency, Air
Emissions and Multi-Gas Analyzers,
Thermal Imagers
and HVAC

Total Sulfur & Nitrogen
Analyzers for Gases,
Diesel, Liquid Fuels;
Trace Sulfur

Trace and Percent
Oxygen Analyzers
Oxygen Deficiency
Safety Monitors

Stationary and
Portable FTIR, Gas


Online Water Analyzers for TOC, TNb, TOD, COD, BOD and Toxicity

Hitech Purity Gas
Monitors for H2,
Moisture, Chlorine
and N2

CEMS analyzers for
NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, THC and VOC Flame Ionization, FTIR, Photo-Acoustic Analyzers

Tubing Bundles,
Instrument Enclosures,
Heaters and Instrument

Measurement and
Control Products;
Pressure, Flow and

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