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Control Analytics, Inc. is a world class analyzer engineering, systems integration, and analyzer component distribution company specializing in on-line analyzers and systems for industrial use. Our product offerings include Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and components (for EPA reporting), Flare Gas Monitoring Systems, Natural Gas Custody Transfer, On-Line Process Monitoring, Analyzer Engineering, Sample System Design, Instrumentation Enclosure and Shelter Integration. We also offer on-site Emergency and Contract Services.


We seek to employ the most up-to-date engineering, chemical analytical, safety and customer service practices to provide our clients with the most accurate, reliable and cost effective measurement systems and components for use in the efficient operation of their industrial processes and businesses; and to provide continuous support to our clients through relentless customer service, technical support and continuous improvement practices, while  striving to maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity. 

To have team oriented, open minded, technically exceptional employees with whom we respect and share our success, because we recognize that our company’s success and the value we provide our clients is derived directly from the excellence and commitment of our employees.

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